Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Let me break it down for those that don't know. I went to try on my dress and just a few weeks ago it fit so nice and I had no problems. Well on Tuesday August 13 my best-friend Kathy said to me let's go and try on my dress. I told her okay just to shut her up and good thing I did since my dress was 1/4 to small. Man I am very glad I tried it on, and not having waited until the day before. So I came to work and told Koren, Kathryn, Dee, Wendy and they are all working with me to make sure I get in my dress. I have this beautiful dress and I am going to get in it and it will fit nice once again. My mind is determined and with the help of them I know it won't be long. A shout out to them for helping me in this time of need!!! Thanks guys!!! I even walked the steps with Dee and man my legs burned but it felt really good afterwards and if I keep doing what they suggest I know it won't be long until I have that 1/4 gone!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Sometimes I just need to vent and write things out and this is the best place to do all of it. So for the last month I have had a cold that I could not get rid of, well I was dragged to the ED by Daniel from the suggestion of my mother on Monday. My cold was getting worse but I was being stubborn and didn't want to come but I was forced and it was rather UGLY!!! So I get to the ED and of course with my not taking care of my cold earlier pneumonia had started to set in and it was horrible, I had a fever and it wasn't trying to break and I was coughing and it was just a horrible day. Then to top off the horrible day my so called friend called me and was telling me shit that I really didn't want to hear. You think that your friends would be the ones understanding and not want to make matters worse well I have a friend that is the total opposite. She called me and I told her I was in the ED and that I would talk to her later and she said ok, well I guess she couldn't wait, cause a few hours later I get another call and its her wanting to vent to me about her issues, I really didn't want to hear them but whatever I was waiting for the Dr to come back and go over my x-rays. I am going in and out of sleepiness and Daniel is telling me to hang up and call her Tuesday, of course I don't listen and keep on the phone. She is going on and on and about nothing I really want to hear. The Dr comes in and I tell her I got to go and she has the nerve to get upset. Hold on wait a minute I think she got me twisted, I should have never been on the phone in the first place but anyway be mad. So the next day I am sleeping and she calls and asks Daniel to wake me its important he doesn't of course she then calls my cell phone, what can be that important everybody is asking and it was absolutely nothing. She was wanting to talk about her horrible relationship and if its that bad then get out is what I say but no she wants to bitch and complain and do nothing. So my take was don't call me with this bullshit but with something that you really want my advice on and to especially do it when I was sick. I wonder bout my friends and do they really think that I just sit at home and can listen to them complain and then keep doing the same things over and over again? I think they do, now she is okay with her man and I have not heard one word from her I called her and she told me that she had to let me go they were having a nice lunch and that he gets upset when she is on the phone during their time, but before I got off the phone my evil side emerged and she got a piece of me that she definitely didn't want to deal with on her nice lunch. It made me feel better but I guess I ruined her lunch our other friend called and told me. LMAO Like I told our friend she better get her act right cause I can cancel that like a magazine subscription, she better recognize who she is fucking with cause I am not the person to be fucked with right now. I hope she wakes up before its to late but then I want her to wait so she can see my true wrath. Well I feel better now.
Back to work I go its almost time for me to go HOME

New Me!!

So I decided to go and get all of my hair chopped off. At first I was a little reluctant but it needed it. Daniel does not even know I called up my favorite beautician in the world and asked her to squeeze me in and she did and told her to cut it all off. I was nervous thinking man my fever has me tripping, but when she got done with it and styled it all up I was in LOVE!!! Its so carefree now and I must admit it looks really good. Now I just have to wait and see what Daniel has to say about it this will be interesting to see. Actually nobody in my family has seen my new do and i want to know what they will say about it, especially my daughter, she always has a comment bout the things I do. Lets see what else I change before my big day, hopefully not much I don't want to shock Daniel to much before he acutally says "I DO"! LOL

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our engagement shoot

June 17 was a great day, Daniel and I went and took our engagment photos and all I can say was that it was very exciting. We went to Garden of the Gods and our photographer who is great took some wonderful pictures. Nyomi was there with us but she refused to be in any pictures she said "I'm not dressed for this" and then went on about her business. She is going to wait for our day to be in any pictures. Telling by the pictures you can see that we really enjoyed ourselves.